Jonh Pizzarelli: ‘ the best opportunities exist here’

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CapaCDAcclaimed by the Boston Globe newspaper for “reinvigorating the great Amerincan Songbook and re-popularize jazz”, the guitarist and singer John Pizzarelli came to Brazil for a short season.

The guitarist began playing guitar at age 6, following the tradition of his father, also guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli. He turned to jazz as a teenager, after playing in rock bands, and learned playing with his father and many other great jazz musicians who influenced his work as Benny Goodman, Les Paul, Zoots Sims, Clark Terry, among others .

Pizzarelli began his solo career in 1990 with My Blue Heaven, released by Chesky Records. He played in clubs and concert halls, opening for the likes of Dave Brubeck, Ramsey Lewis and Rosemary Clooney. In 1993 he had the honor of opening for the international tour of Frank Sinatra. From then was part of the birthday celebration of the 80th anniversary of the musician, at Carnegie Hall, and the audience came down to play “I Do not Know Why I Love You Like I Do”, accompanied by his father.

The musician gives a quick interview for the editor of Pauliceia do Jazz and talks a little about his new work in honor of Paul McCartney:


Pauliceia do Jazz: How happened the idea of record the new album with composers and musics of Paul MC Cartney?

Jonh Pizzarelli :  I received a letter from sir Paul suggesting the album content, title and cover!

PJ: I heared and watched the clips in your channel of YouTube. Your interpretation stayed singular, special. Arrangements carefully prepared, with a wealth sound and the great selection of musicians for participate in your recordings. How Much time you took to producing the new CD?

JP: The cd was put together over a period of 6 months, but really in goal work days it was about two weeks. Three days in July and then about 5 days in January.
But with just those days we were able to spread things out and really take the time to get it right.

PJ: Pizzarelli, you make a intense season in our country. In São Paulo, you made a apresentation in Bourbon Street, what you considers the “your house” in Brasil and will make the last show in Bradesco Theatre. How is the your relationship with the city of São Paulo?  Have you a passion for Brasil, specialy for city of São Paulo ?

JP: We always end up doing more in São Paulo because we are booked out of here and: TV, press, club and theater work. That being said, we get to do more personal things in São Paulo like hang out, eat and drink

PJ: Recently you made a show in a great shop in New York, in a climate spontaneous and laid-back. Are you made a show solo in this shop. How was the experience present the his new work for the shoppers the shop?

JP: It was a home shop called Crate and Barrell. The CEO is a friend and fan and wanted to help promote MIDNIGHT MCCARTNEY . It was quite fun playing in this place.

PJ: In last show in Bradesco Theatre, in São Paulo, you sang  the musics of his others CDs. The brazilians could hear classics how: “The Girl of Ipanema”, “So Danco Samba”, “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” ? 

JP: The short answer is Yes. We’ve experienced what works from the current cd and also what we’ve missed playing at Bourbon street. We’ve added a few McCartney things too. 

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