Ale Demogli and clear musicality in Sao Paulo

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April reveals its surprises. On the eve of the day 30/04, the celebration of International Jazz Day, in March, the Jazz Pauliceia prepared carefully a special book for those who like good music and through some partners, we spread good news in various locations from Sao Paulo.

Yesterday it was the turn of the guitarist Ale Demogli. Coincidentally with his participation at a conference in São Paulo, Ale made his presentation on the penultimate night of this Tuesday, 4/28 at Madeleine with several jazz standards, Wayne Shorter and some super special interpretations.

It is a privilege to hear Ale Demogli play in a way so clean and clear notes. The musicianship of guitarist, accompanied by Brazilian musicians, Fernando Amaro (drums), Nino Nascimento (bass) and Marcelo Jesuíno (guitar) is something super natural is hard enough just to describe in words.

Of both the musicians and the editor, which is the producer of times, to insist, Ale spoke to the audience present and, with all his shyness and difficulty with the English language, the audience fell silent and listened to every word of thanks given by the musician .

For those who missed the Demogli presentation only has two tips: Either you look out the tips of the Jazz Pauliceia and expect a soon coming guitarist in Brazil or go to Buenos Aires.

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